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We use radios for connectivity

Tune in to internet radio
No more excuses about wiring or availability. 
We have internet for everyone.

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Supported the use of fiber optic cable

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Local people, local product, good service

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Our mission

Rural Pennsylvania has long been neglected by internet service providers. The world is increasingly online and rural communities deserve to be connected.

Internet access isn’t just for people in towns or who can afford expensive wiring and equipment. 

KeystoneWISP, LLC is a locally owned and operated business out of Bradford, PA. Brian saw rural Pennsylvanians being charged outrageous prices for slow internet, in limited areas that left out many people, and knew they could do better.

Pennsylvania has a long history of self-reliance and standing up for those who need help. From the Founding Fathers debating our rights in Philadelphia to building of the Erie Canal, Pennsylvanians know how and when to step in and help those round them.

With an open office in town you can drop by, they created a unique, friendlier business model than your typical ISP.  No more robots for customer service or getting mailed equipment that you don’t understand. We’ll get you set up and answer any questions you have along the way.

KeystoneWISP wants to help you get the internet you deserve, where ever you live.


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