FCC Information

47 CFR § 8.1(a) Disclosures

Network Management Policies

BLOCKING. Keystone WISP blocks the resolution of domains associated with malware and botnets to protect customers from victimization.

CONGESTION MANAGEMENT. Keystone WISP employs 802.11ac and other radio technologies which may utilize congestion management protocols in unlicensed radio frequencies. Extreme congestion of unlicensed radio frequencies may lead to a slight increase in perceptive latency to the Customer.

Performance Characteristics

SERVICE DESCRIPTION. Keystone WISP offers a selection of Fixed Wireless, Fiber Optic, and Ethernet broadband Internet services (Services). A.) Bandwidth. The expected bandwidth for all Services is defined under the plan bandwidth (example. “up to 100 Mbit/s” would have an expected bandwidth of 100 Mbit/s). Under the rare worst case network congestion conditions, the bandwidth is expected to be approximately one-sixth (1/6th) of plan bandwidth. B.) Latency. Latency varies depending on the communications technology and environmental conditions. Fixed Wireless latency ranges from 25 to 500 milliseconds with environmental and weather conditions factoring heavily into connectivity. Fiber Optic latency ranges from 10 to 50 milliseconds. Ethernet latency ranges from 25 to 100 milliseconds. Fixed Wireless, Fiber Optic and Ethernet are suitable for interactive and real-time communications applications such as gaming and audio-video calls. Fixed Wireless interactive and real-time communications are dependent on proximity, radio signal reception, environmental and weather conditions.

Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE AND BILLING PROCEDURES. The items listed below outline essential information regarding the terms and conditions of service, billing procedures and the relationship between you, the Customer, and Keystone WISP regarding the provision of fixed wireless communications or other telecommunications services you have selected (Services). Customer agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions contained herein and in the accompanying documents, which comprise the Keystone WISP Welcome Kit. Customer’s signature hereon evidences agreement and certifies acknowledgement of receipt of the Keystone WISP Welcome Kit, which includes, among other things, important customer information.

EQUIPMENT. A.) The customer premises equipment and WiFi gateway (Equipment) delivered to Customer and/or installed on the premises to receive the Service shall remain the property of Keystone WISP. Customer assumes the risk of loss, theft or damage to the Equipment at all times prior to the removal of the units by Keystone WISP or return of units by Customer. B.) Customer Owned. Customer agrees that Keystone WISP is not responsible for the operation, maintenance, service or repair of Customer’s television, computer, radio or any other consumer electronics, which may, from time to time, be connected to the Service.

ACCESS. Customer hereby grants Keystone WISP the right to enter upon the property at the service address to install Service and to audit, adjust, repair, replace, maintain, move or remove Equipment and, from time to time, check for reception, FCC radio spectrum compliance and radio conditions.

CHANGES TO SERVICE. Keystone WISP reserves a certain time window (typically five business days) to effect any changes in Service. Any refund due will be mailed within a certain time window (typically 30 days) after settlement of the account, return of Equipment to Keystone WISP and completion of the final billing cycle.

CORRESPONDENCE. Do not mail written correspondence with your bill statement. PLEASE SUBMIT ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO THE Keystone WISP ADDRESS WHICH APPEARS HEREON:


Keystone WISP LLC
94 Main St.
Bradford, PA 16701



LATE FEES. If Keystone WISP does not receive timely, full payment, Customer may be charged a Late Fee, Processing Fee or Late Processing Fee (Late Fee). The Late Fee is intended to be a reasonable estimate of costs to manage past due accounts. Some examples of costs incurred to manage past due accounts include the additional expense associate with preparing the additional bill statements, processing the Customer’s service records, mailing additional notices, tracking past due accounts, responding to inquiries regarding past due balances, making collection telephone calls, modifying fiber-radio node financials, performing special procedures to process past due payments, generating work orders, modifying network parameters, and performing necessary field work to collect past due accounts. Keystone WISP will tell Customer the amount of the Late Fee and other separate or additional charges at the time Customer subscribes to and receives Keystone WISP’s services, prior to the time Keystone WISP implements a new fee, and in Keystone WISP’s annual mailings to Customer thereafter. Keystone WISP does not extend credit to our Customers and the Late Fee is not interest, a credit service charge or a finance charge. Keystone WISP’s late fee practices may be revised to comply with applicable federal, state or local laws, rules or regulations.

PRIOR ACCOUNTS. Customer warrants that no monies are owing to Keystone WISP from previous accounts with Keystone WISP. If Keystone WISP finds a prior account with Keystone WISP monies owed to Keystone WISP, then Keystone WISP may apply any funds received to that prior account.

TERMINATION OF SERVICE (BY CUSTOMER). Customer may terminate Service in person at Keystone WISP office, by e-mail or by telephone. To avoid any billing misunderstanding, e-mail and telephone requests for disconnection should be followed up either in writing or in person.

TERMINATION OF SERVICE. Upon termination, Keystone WISP may charge additional fees on any unpaid balance. Keystone WISP reserves the right to continue billing for Service through the end of the billing cycle or until all Equipment as been returned, whichever occurs first. The replacement costs for any unreturned Equipment will be posted to Customer’s account once billing ends. In the event that the Equipment is destroyed, damaged, lost or stolen, or not returned to Keystone WISP upon termination of Service, Customer shall be liable to Keystone WISP for the full replacement cost of any unreturned Equipment. Customer understands and agrees that any deposit account may be used to offset any outstanding balance and/or the cost of any unreturned Equipment. Further, Customer understands and agrees that Keystone WISP may charge Customer’s credit card on file at termination of Service in the amount of any outstanding balance and/or for the cost of any unreturned Equipment, in accordance with applicable law.

THEFT OF SERVICE. Customer shall not intercept, receive, share or assist in the interception, receipt or sharing of any Service offered by Keystone WISP, without the prior written authorization of Keystone WISP. Customer shall not move Equipment to another location or use it at an address other than the Service address without prior authorization from Keystone WISP.

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. A.) No Warranty. Keystone WISP makes no warranty, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement of either the Equipment or Service furnished hereunder. B.) Limitation of Liability. Keystone WISP shall not be liable to Customer for indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages arising out of or in connection with the Service or any acts or omissions associated therewith, including any acts or omissions by subcontractors of Keystone WISP, or relating to any services furnished, whether such claim is based on breach of warranty, contract, tort or any other legal theory and regardless of the causes of such loss, or damages or whether any other remedy provided herein fails. C.) Customer Exclusive Remedy. Keystone WISP’s entire liability and Customer’s exclusive remedy with respect to the use of the Services or any breach by Keystone WISP of any obligation Keystone WISP may have under these Terms and Conditions shall be the Customer’s ability to terminate the Service or to obtain the replacement or repair of any defective Equipment. In no event shall Keystone WISP’s liability to Customer for any claim arising out of this Agreement exceed the amount paid by Customer during the preceding thirty (30) day period.

ASSIGNMENT (CHANGE IN OCCUPANCY). The Service shall only be provided to Customer at the address where Keystone WISP’s installation is performed. Customer may not transfer Customer’s rights or obligations to any successor tenant or occupant or to any other address without Keystone WISP’s prior written consent.9