Multi-Tenant Fiber: Kiwanis Court

Speed like no other

Full symmetry

Unlike traditional cable service, fiber optic service provides full bandwidth symmetry. Subscribers are able to participate in a more interactive Internet by sharing content at exceptionally faster speeds.

Proven reliability

Fiber optic connections are low maintenance and subject to significantly less interference than copper-based alternatives.

Uniquely exceptional

Be one of the few with a high-speed fiber-optic Internet connection in a rural setting.

Choose your package

We offer a number of packages to meet your Internet needs.



Up to 50 Mbps

/ Month

Frequently Asked Questions

We often receive interesting questions regarding this new type of Internet Service. We encourage customers and visitors to ask any questions — we’ll happily answer!

No Installation Fees at this time. 

Yes.  We can  rent you a wireless router for $10/ month 

Users deserve privacy.

We’ve designed our network to operate on the least amount of data as possible.

Some say any new ISP will snoop. We’re here to prove them wrong. 

We outline our privacy practices here

We are not interested in your private data. We will never sell your data. We will never give your data away. 

Yes , We do require a credit card on file in the case the equipment is damaged or not returned to us.