Multi-Tenant Direct Fiber

Add unparalleled value to your multi-tenant leases

With our Multi-Tenant Fiber Optic offering, we will provide an Internet experience your tenants will brag about. Keystone WISP will design, build, and maintain commercial cabling systems to connect all leased spaces to a trunked fiber-optic Internet connection capable of delivering speeds beyond most – if not all – residential offerings.

Whether as an alternative or a replacement, we are certain your tenants will enjoy this exceptional service. If you build it, they will come.

Full symmetry

Unlike traditional cable service, fiber optic service provides full bandwidth symmetry. Clients are able to participate in a more interactive Internet by sharing content at exceptionally faster speeds.

Proven reliability

Fiber optic connections are low maintenance and subject to significantly less interference than copper-based alternatives. Your tenants will experience less downtime and headaches.

Uniquely exceptional

Be one of the few with a high-speed fiber-optic offering in a rural setting. Stand out from the others with a service beyond any other.

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Let us take care of your multi-tenant structure

We work with our clients on every phase of the connection: planning, design, build-out, and maintenance. All needs and requirements are taken into careful consideration to provide you with the best possible service. Our technicians will use industry standard techniques and our own high standards to complete a clean and professional build.

Every lease connected

Symmetric 1 Gbps

Low latency

Business-level SLA

Up To
Exceptionally Fast

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