Privacy Policy

February 8, 2022

As a customer of Keystone WISP, the FCC has determined that you have a legal right to control certain proprietary information contained in your communications. This information is called Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). Under the law, we have a duty to protect this information and communicate its collection methods, utilization and the disclosure possibilities to you. Your privacy is of the absolute utmost importance to us, even if you are not a current customer of Keystone WISP.

Summary of this Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy describes our practices with respect to information Keystone WISP collects, uses, shares, and protects as part of the service we provide to our customers. The terms “Keystone WISP”, “our”, “us”, “we” refer to the Keystone WISP LLC business that provides services to you.

This Privacy Policy applies to Keystone WISP customers and their use of Keystone WISP Internet, phone and e-mail services. It describes the limitations imposed on Keystone WISP according to the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1985, which regulates how we collect and disclose personal information, the personal information we are allowed to collect, how we utilize this information, when and how we may disclose that information, how you can change your preferences including opting out of communications, and your rights under the law.

How we Collect Your Information

In order for Keystone WISP to provide telecommunications services to you, we keep certain pertinent business records containing information about you which includes personal information. These account records could include the following information:

  • name;
  • service address and/or location;
  • billing address;
  • telephone number;
  • e-mail address;
  • billing and payment history;
  • communications records (personal e-mails, calls, or other communications between you and Keystone WISP);
  • maintenance information;
  • the device identifiers and/or network addresses for equipment in use; and
  • service contracts.

Information Sharing

We may share your information, including:

  • With other Keystone WISP entities to best serve your needs;
  • When you become a customer, we may share information about you and your transaction with other companies necessary to process your transaction and authorize service;
  • With our third-party service providers, including 911 emergency services;
  • To comply with court orders and the legal process; and
  • To obtain payment including through third-party collection firms.​

Disclosure of Your Information

Keystone WISP considers the personal information contained in our business records to be confidential; however, we may disclose personal information that you provide to the following third-parties:

  • Our subsidiaries and affiliates under the Keystone WISP brand; including operations, marketing, infrastructure, and administration;
  • Billing and collection agencies;
  • Maintenance and installation service;
  • Fraud detection services.

Keystone WISP maintains personal information about you while you are a customer of our fixed wireless, telephone, internet, security, or other services. We keep this information until it is no longer needed for business, tax or legal purposes.

We do not sell our customer data to any third party for the purpose of marketing products.

Data Security

We implement industry-standard practices to secure your personal information from accidental loss and from unauthorized access, use, alternation and disclosure; however, we cannot guarantee these practices will prevent every unauthorized attempt to access or disclose personal information.

Federal Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 (Cable Act)

According to section 631 of the Federal Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984, (the “Cable Act”), Keystone WISP is bound by the Cable Act concerning the collection and dissemination of information collected on each customer. This includes:

  • the limitations upon cable operators concerning the assembly and use of subscriber’s personal information;
  • the personal information we may collect and use;
  • to whom and why we may disclose personal information; and
  • how customers might access this information.

Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)

As a telecommunications company, Keystone WISP collects and maintains information known as Customer Proprietary Network Information, or CPNI as a short acronym. CPNI includes information such as:

  • Information that relates to the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, and amount of use of telecommunications service subscribed to by any customer; and
  • Information contained in bills pertaining to the telephone exchange service or telephone toll service received by a customer of a carrier.

Payment Gateways

Keystone WISP utilizes Ubiquiti Payment Gateway as a payment gateway for online transactions, subscriptions, and other invoicing.  
Keystone WISP utilizes Square for in-person transactions. Any communications to Square from our sites is governed by the Square Privacy Notice viewable at: